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Troubled former LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux has signed on as a transfer with Jacksonville State (AL) for the 2008 NCAA season.

May 19, 2008

(Philadelphia, Pa) ---  In some good news, talented but troubled  former #1 prep player quarterback Ryan Perrilloux has officially transferred to Jacksonville State (AL). By now everyone knows that Perrilloux after numerous infractions was  kicked off LSU's national championship team this spring. 

There is no doubt that the 21-year old Louisiana native has enormous talent (championship pedigree, strong arm, and dual-threat ability), as shown by his MVP performance in the 2007 SEC Championship game, but it is now time for him to mature and take advantage of the opportunity given to him by the Gamecocks. Jacksonville State is a Football Championship Subdivision level team (former 1-AA), so Perrilloux will have two years of eligibility to measure up his huge prep level clippings.

Jacksonville State coach Jack Crowe, who handed the starting job to the former LSU prized recruit after doing his investigation said, "I think he's been an immature player, and I think he's been a very, very, very frustrated player".  Crowe added  "He's got a national championship ring and a love for LSU. He's not a tainted person with a tainted feeling. He just made mistakes, admitted them and moved on". 

I truly hope that Perrilloux has grown up and is ready to take the steps needed on and off the field to make it to the next level.  Hopefully he has learned something from how Tavaris Jackson went from Arkansas to Alabama State to the NFL as a 2nd round by the Minnesota Vikings.  Perrilloux has two years left in college, so I will be monitoring his progress.

Lloyd's Leftovers

--- Former Georgia Tech star quarterback Joe Hamilton, who had been just hired on April 28th to a position of assistant coach in the player personnel department, has resigned his position at the school after he was charged with marijuana possession, driving under the influence of alcohol and hit-and-run.  GA Tech Paul Johnson in announcing the resignation said about Hamilton, "I know he has great love and concern for this program and always will." LV's Take: Hamilton can recover from this situation, but it is a shame.  The former Heisman runner-up could have been very valuable to the option offense that Johnson is bringing from the Naval Academy.

--- The Falcons have for sure moved on from the Michael Vick era with the selection of Matt Ryan.  Falcons' owner Arthur Blank recently said "Michael (Vick) is in jail" and "We don't know how long that will be for. We don't know what physical and mental condition he'll be in when he gets out. ... Selecting Matt Ryan was the important way to do that."   LV's Take: The real fun will begin when Vick is released, which is expected sometime in 2009.

--  Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell showedd up at minicamp in shape at 269 pounds and should have better stamina this season. 
LV's Take: Hopefully now all of the talking heads will finally put to rest all the 300 pound rumors and the big quarterback eating his way out of the NFL stories.  The kid has a huge upside and I think this season you see him go vertical to all of the speedsters that  Al Davis has assembled.

--- Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson got a strong vote of confidence from his center Matt Birk on the radio station KFAN.  Birk said of his growing young passer This is the year," and "Do I think he has what it takes? Absolutely! Is it going to be ups and downs, bumps in the road? Absolutely. But I think hes coming along. I think hes got what it takes. Obviously, its a big year for him and a big year for us, but I feel very good with him being our quarterback.  LV's Take:  As long as Jackson hands off to all-world running back Adrian Peterson, he will be okay.  But he better watch for competition from Vikings draft pick John David Booty.

--- Submitted by Lloyd Vance




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