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December 2006

We all know who is going to win the NFL MVP, it is going to be LT in case you didn't know (Sorry Drew). But who is the NFL's top rookie? Usually the 1st player taken has a good chance of winning the award, but Mario Williams is not even the best defensive rookie on the Texans. For the record, Tennessee QB Vince Young is my rookie of the year for 2006, because he has had the most impact of any rookie this year. He has taken over as the unquestioned leader of the Titans in a short period of time, not missing a beat after winning the National Championship for Texas in 2005. His poise, leadership, and charisma have led to victories including upsets over Philadelphia, New York (Giants), Indianapolis, and Jacksonville. His overtime game-winning touchdown scamper of 39 yards led the Titans over Houston (Titans 26, Houston 20) and may be a play of year candidate. The play and the win were a cruel reminder to Texans fans of what they were missing by their team's decision not to use the top overall pick of the draft on Young. He has put up several sound performances since taking over for the ineffective Kerry Collins and has provided a spark to a Titans team that many picked to finish last.

Young has shown consistently good game management and his throwing skills are just as dangerous as his explosive running outside the pocket. By the way where are all those so-called "experts", who said Young's throwing motion and wonderlic score (meaningless) would cause him to falter as a pro. I even heard some talk show hosts and message board participants say Young should be converted to a WR. Well where are they now (laughs on them). Norm Chow and Jeff Fisher made the move to bring in Young and now they will have a Rookie of the Year candidate to validate their selection of him with the 3rd overall pick.
His numbers (7-4 as a starter with 1789 yards passing w/ 10 TD's and 462 yards rushing w/ 5 TD's) through 14 games are respectable and Young's leadership gives the Titans much hope for the future.
-- Submitted by Lloyd Vance




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