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Welcome to BQB-Site.Com, The Black Quarterback Historical Website. This has been a life long dream of our editor to document the legacy of the African American Quarterback. He began his research several years ago and was rewarded with a wealth of information that needed to be shared. The African American Quarterback until recently had been viewed as a novelty and many BQB's have been stereotyped as an "Athlete" only. With this site we wanted to show the strength, skill, knowledge, and most of all the history of these men (Past, Present and Future). When we began our study, we knew of Doug Williams, James Harris, Randall Cunningham, and others, but we soon found out so much more about the rich history of BQB’s. Many younger people today are wearing “Throwback Jerseys” of these Quarterbacks, but they and everyone else need to know the history behind the men. The site has tried to document all members of the group from Fritz Pollard (Hammond Pros - 1923) to Today's Superstars (Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, and others), but we are always interested in adding more information. PLEASE USE our EMAIL ADDRESS to give us valuable information and/or feedback. We are proud to be the most extensive site to show the African American QB experience on the “Web”. Please use the site as often as possible. Any questions, comments, or suggestions about the site can be sent to Email
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