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2008 NFL Draft prospect Dennis Dixon has taken a unique way of showing evaluators that he is ready for the draft by creating his own website (

April  16, 2008

(Philadelphia, Pa) ó As a regular attendee of the Heisman Trophy presentation in New York City every year, I must admit that I was a little disappointed at this yearís ceremony when spectacular Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon wasnít there after suffering a late season knee injury (Left Knee torn ACL). The knee injury ended his candidacy, proving to be a tough ending for a player who seemed destined to go from an undrafted free agent type player to a high draft selection. When I saw Dixon it was apparent to me he had a lot of the intangibles that current Philadelphia Eagles triggerman Donovan McNabb possesses - Mobile, Cannon Arm, Charismatic, and a Smmart Team Leader.

However Dixonís too recent knee injury maybe a red flag for some draft evaluators. The situation definitely reminds me of running back Michael Bushís dilemma going into the Ď07 draft (broken leg from senior year the was not entirely healed causing the big back to be selected late in 7th rd by Oakland on a flyer). Dixon is trying to avoid Bushís fate by proving that he is worthy of a mid-round draft selection despite being injured. Though an NFL teamís injured reserve list maybe in his near future, the Oakland native has gone on the public whippet appearing on various media outlets plus creating his own website ( to prove himself to NFL draft evaluators.  As someone who has seen many player websites, I have to admit I was thoroughly impressed by it.  The site shows his private workout, Dixon talks about his rehab, you get to see him breakdown game video of himself, and much more.

We all know that evaluators tend to scrutinize everything on the way to Radio City, so I like Dixonís proactive approach. He already went to the combine just to show the scouts that he wants to be accessible throughout draft process and if it was up to me based on his tremendous numbers in only 10 games before getting hurt (172-254, 2136 yards, and 20 touchdowns passing with an additional 583 yards and 9 TDís rushing), he would at least garner a 5th Round selection. And donít even make me have to pull out the tape of his fantastic performance over Michigan this past season.

By all accounts, he performed well at his April 3rd personal workout. The humble quarterback, who definitely has his head in the right direction, said of his workout, ďI thought I threw the ball pretty well today. There were a couple passes that I would like to have back, but Iím a perfectionist and I wanted to complete every pass I threw. I did some agility drills to show everyone how well Iím moving and how quickly that I am healing. The knee feels great. I didnít even think about it during the workout. I believe that Iíll be 100% in another month. Thereís no doubt that Iíll be ready for NFL camp in July.Ē

I have heard rumblings that the Steelers, who recently hosted Dixon and always seem to have athletic quarterbacks like Kordell Stewart, Omar Jacobs, and Shane Boyd on their roster, enjoyed the visit of the 2007 PAC 10 player of the year so stay tuned. I know Dixon will be working hard at the palatial Oregon football facilities with visions of being ready for training camp. Hereís hoping that he achieves his dream of being drafted into the NFL.

--- Submitted by Lloyd Vance




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