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Training Camp BQB News includes Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell fighting through an elbow injury

July 31, 2008

(Philadelphia, Pa) ---  Well after a much-needed vacation down at the Jersey Shore, is back online.  This time of the year is training camp season and that means news of holdouts, injuries, and camp battles.

Raiders' QB Russell sits out of practice - Second-year quarterback JaMarcus Russell, who needs a full training camp under his belt after missing the entire '07 camp sat out practice this week.  Russell complained of stiffness in his right elbow after warming up Tuesday and wore a thick bag of ice on the elbow for most recent practices.  Oakland head coach Lane Kiffin said of the injury, "We didn't foresee it being an issue because when we checked him out after (the morning) practice he was fine".  Kiffin added, "But he came out and warmed up, threw the ball and it just stiffened up a little bit on him. So we erred on the side of safety and pulled him out at that point.  If we were playing a game he could have very easily played, so I don't foresee it being an issue at all."

LV's Take: This injury definitely needs to be monitored as Russell has one the best arms in the NFL, but it is time for him to show his #1 overall pedigree.   Remember Russell was only able to start only in week 17 versus the Chargers, so hopefully the big former LSU passer can get the reps needed to help the NFL's most losest franchise over the past couple seasons (only 6 wins).

Other BQB News

UNLV quarterback Rocky Hinds apparently is no longer part of the program - Hinds was once a heralded recruit at USC, who then transferred to UNLV.  Apparently a spat with UNLV head coach Sanford was led to Hinds'  limbo status.  However the former Rebels' signal caller' did leave a YouTube.  LV's Take: This situation is ugly and it is only going to get worse.  Hopefully Hinds can find a DII or III school to play for.

Vikings coach Brad Childress gives QB Tarvaris Jackson a vote of confidence amidst Favre rumors - In a training camp interview, Childress insisted that Jackson is the team's unequivocal starter.  Childress added "(Jackson) isright where he needs to be as a third-year quarterback". LV's Take: With a healthy and dangerous Adrian Peterson and new receiver Bernard Berrian ready to go, the pieces are definitely in place for a good season for Jackson.

Former Sooner Paul Thompson cut by the Titans - After signing as a "street" free agent by the Tennessee Titans on January 9, 2008, Thompson  was  waived on July 24.  This is the second time that the former Oklahoma surprise leader has failed to make an NFL roster after being cut in '07 by the Green Bay Packers. LV's Take:  It may now be time for Thompson to consider the Arena Football League or the CFL to resurrect his career.  I do believe that the former Texas HS star does have talent, but he always has to travel the tough road to prove he is an elite quarterback.  We wish him good luck.

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